H2U: Hydrogen to You

Hydrogen Community Building Project . 2020. with Scholz & Friends, LBiQ

Hyundai launched H2U campaign, an advocacy program to help build a society that can be centered around – and powered by – hydrogen. H2U brings “Hydrogen to You” by celebrating and featuring cultural creatives and tech influencers alike who are not only living a sustainable lifestyle, but actively creating better environmental practices.

The Start of a Hydrogen Society

Working with Berlin-based H2U ambassadors, whose interests and talents span diverse aspects of everyday life, Hyundai takes them on a journey with NEXO and invites them to make hydrogen mobility personal. 

The campaign challenges the ambassadors to reflect on the industries they work in and demonstrate how hydrogen fuel cell mobility fosters a sustainable lifestyle and positively impacts their everyday life, fostering a healthy environment and improving the economy and society for a better future. 

This team of H2U ambassadors directly addresses consumers who have demanded new technologies and holistic solutions that do not require fossil fuels. Spanning music, fashion, science, photography and technology, these ambassadors include:

H2U x Peggy Gou

At the forefront for the H2U initiative is South Korean, Berlin-based DJ Peggy Gou. As an internationally famous DJ, Gou travels often and is eager to find new solutions to assist with the transport of her equipment. In a Hyundai NEXO – a hydrogen-powered, zero-emission car – Gou takes us on a tour of Berlin, a city praised for its progressive culture and its hydrogen infrastructure


H2U x AlexiBexi

Tech expert AlexiBexi joins H2U advocacy program to answer the big question among his fans – “Hey, what about hydrogen?”


While fans of Alexander Böhm, Germany’s biggest tech influencer known as AlexiBexi, talk loud and clear about battery electric vehicles, they have yet to hear him express his personal opinion on hydrogen fuel cell cars. Their wait is over. As one of H2U’s ambassadors, AlexiBexi is putting hydrogen mobility to the test in his two-part “Explorer” series.

H2U x Konrad Langer

Photographer Konrad Langer, aka @Konaction , may be Berlin-based but his photos are internationally known. With an Instagram following of over 184K, Konrad has traveled the world in search of that perfect shot. But on his home streets of Berlin, Konrad is capturing something inspiring: things are changing, and for the better. 


H2U x Nicole Scott

Through H2U, Mobile Geeks co-founder Nicole Scott discovers the potential of a zero-emission hydrogen society.


Nicole Scott is well known in her international Mobile Geeks community for giving the inside story on all things mobile. As one of Hyundai’s H2U ambassadors, Nicole is expanding the definition of mobility to discover how hydrogen fuel-cell tech is changing how we move, live, and experience the growth of a Hydrogen Society. It’s all part of her H2U documentary, “Discovery Series.” 

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H2U x Toni Dreher-Adenuga 

German model and sustainability enthusiast swaps the catwalk for the Hyundai NEXO.


Toni has teamed up with Hyundai’s new H2U advocacy program to promote hydrogen-technology as a sustainable solution to fossil fuel. She is a passenger for her journey but is always upfront about exploring what’s coming next. Toni and her friend cruise around Berlin in Hyundai’s hydrogen-fueled, zero-carbon NEXO, and Toni writes a poem about a journey so pure it leaves the air cleaner in its wake.