Genesis Audio Branding

Audacious, Progressive & Distinctly Korean

Genesis Audio Branding  .  2018  .  Why do birds

The Genesis brand creates the finest automobiles for connoisseurs around the globe. It strives for an understated, yet elegant brand experience, embodying Korean traditions of humbleness and mindfulness.


The brand’s core lies in its creative expression “Quietly Iconic” – Genesis embodies inner strength and progress, for independent minds who think ahead and move forward.


In 2017, Genesis embarked on a 360° audio branding project to make the brand come alive acoustically in audio- and audio-visual media.


In every aspect of translating the brand personality to sound, Genesis demonstrates confident leadership and innovation, creating an audio expression that is at once different but alluring.


The brand’s creative expression “Quietly Iconic” comes through in its audio identity. The sound does not need intensity in speed or volume – it is gentle, but distinct and confident with a firm composition. It demonstrates a sense of being and focus, unfazed by others and true to its beginnings.

As a modern and understated expression of luxury, it was essential to give the Genesis music its space to breathe. The  sounds vibrate and reverb, without excessive elements and embellishment. The spherical instrumental arrangement radiate an atmospheric presence filling the empty spaces between the notes.

Classical instruments, like the Cello, convey the premium character throughout the music and the sonic logo.


Inspired by the traditional beats and sound of the Korean Jangu-drum, the rhythm is syncopated and unique, creating a truly sophisticated audio expression of the new luxury.


In its masterful interpretation of sound, Genesis commands a powerful presence in the premium automobile market.

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