Quietly Iconic

Quietly Iconic

Genesis Branding and Identity  .  2016  .  with LBiQ & HVD Fonts

Genesis is Hyundai’s answer to the premium luxury car market, combining the years of technical know-how and quality design that propelled Hyundai to success. It stands apart from competition with a calm, quiet confidence, providing customers with the luxury experience that they desire.


The creative direction, Quietly Iconic, captures the progressive, understated attitude of the Genesis brand. The brand colours Black and Copper come together harmoniously across all applications. The epitome of subtle refinement, Black represents the understated elegance and sophistication of Genesis. Copper, the oldest metal in the world, represents the evolution of human civilisation and technological progress and is used as an accent color.

Genesis Sans is the bespoke typeface crafted for Genesis. The geometric characters are simple, yet refined, adding character to the brand with delicate details. The thin weight of the uppercase Genesis Sans Head catches the eye of viewers, bringing our messages across confidently. The result is a unique and sophisticated typeface that reads perfectly across all media.


The graphic system brings together all the iconic elements; the copper frame, the bespoke Genesis Sans typeface and natural images to engage audiences. The material palette, combining use of natural materials, such as wood and leather, evoke a sense of luxury.