Genesis Gangnam

Genesis Retail Space . 2017 . with OMA

2 years since its brand launch, Genesis has been relentlessly moving forward, laying the foundation for the brand’s future. Completing its base sedan line-up for three models, Genesis now interprets its own car purchase experience. This ideal experience, as Genesis imagines, unfolds here.


With the experience and architecture that happens around this space, Creative Works re-visits the norm of current showrooms. The showrooms that once focused on showcasing a single product in pristine condition have expanded because of the pressure of the market economy, specialised sales and marketing tactics, and increasing complexity of its industry. Cluttering of these spaces was the result; rather than helping the customer focus on the physical car, attention was diverted to irrelevant objects and messages.


With OMA, Creative Works approached the retail space by muting the noise of sales support as much as possible, while making the Genesis message heard. Using a strategy of decluttering, a combination of modest colors and neutral materials with minimal texture underlines the serene experience, reducing visual noise. The furniture, often a distracting figure, is camouflaged by following the same color or material of each room. The concrete, dark grey surfaces create a neutral backdrop for people to experience the ultimate focus on the design and craftsmanship of each car. 

The concrete walls further add an extra layer between the outside world and the Genesis space: a buffer zone for private conversation. Within the space, the rooms are distinguished by a single color, each representing a single point of service. All support functions are hidden behind the walls to maximize the experience of the cars and the brand.