The dawn of true affection

Hyundai Grandeur Launch Toolkit  .  2016  .  with Interbrand Zurich & Bastian Goergens

The new Hyundai Grandeur promises to be the perfect representation of our customer's lifestyle and status, ample for a man with a respectful taste, style and eye for beauty. He is a man who is able to pursue and achieve what he desires; a man who enjoys the recognition from his peers.

This modern masterpiece captivates the audiences by appealing to both the emotional and rational benefits this sixth generation model delivers, while being deeply rooted in the overall direction of "Modern Premium" of the Hyundai brand.

This concept's atmospheric richness and graphical clarity sets to redefine luxury for our brand. The images are defined through minimalist architecture, strong angles as well as quiet and serene image compositions.

The interplay of natural and artificial light creates a moment of light magic, setting the stage for our new flagship model; highlighting sensuous silhouette while still capturing the warmth of the Hyundai brand. Hard shadows and clean lines underline the precision, quality and trustworthiness.

The Grandeur is truly the object of every man's affection.

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