H2 Economy

Hyundai X Bloomberg Media Group . 2020

To enhance awareness of hydrogen energy and Hyundai’s competitiveness in hydrogen fuel cell technology, we have been working together with Bloomberg on short-video series, H2 Economy.


In 2019, we developed an index based on the evaluation criteria set by Hydrogen Committee, which compares the status of hydrogen energy development in 14 major countries to demonstrate Hyundai’s technological competitiveness.


Collaboration with Bloomberg, the world-renowned media agency, began in order to communicate with opinion leaders around the world. As part of the partnership, we produced 6 informative videos and 3 infographics translating facts and data to valuable piece of content. The contents were released through Bloomberg channels as well as our owned digital media from Worldwide website to global social channels.

We are preparing the follow-up campaign. Furthermore we will continue our communication to promote our efforts to create a hydrogen society.

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