Hyundai Planner and Calendar

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Hyundai Motor Company announced “Progress for Humanity” as the company’s new vision in 2020. Embracing this vision, we have integrated a number of eco-friendly practices believing that it is our role to create a sustainable future for all. Before we can convey this message to our customers, internally we should be the ones who act on our vision. 

Our yearly planner is distributed to over 80,000 employees in Korea and gave us a great opportunity to unite everyone around our new vision for a sustainable future. 

For the 2020 yearly planner, we created a cover with recycled leather from seats collected in vehicle junkyards and leftover leather from the manufacturing process. Furthermore, we omitted the year ‘2020’ from the cover so that it could be re used for following years, and all paper used to create the planner is eco-friendly certified paper, printed with 100% soy ink. The planner was even packaged in 100% biodegradable plastic bags, which decompose on their own.

For year 2021, we plan to minimise waste and distribute only the inner sheets so that the process is even more sustainable. These are only some of the first steps on our journey to creating a sustainable future for all.

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