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Empowering tomorrow with Hydrogen

Earth day event by Hyundai.  2019

For one hour on Earth Day, as the lights go off in the usually glitzy and gleaming capital of South Korea, Seoul, the facade of the Seoul Metropolitan Library building lit up brightly through the projections powered by hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. 

With the increase of environmental issues, particularly reducing fine dust and carbon footprint on top of the list for the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Hyundai partnered with them to create the world’s first hydrogen powered public display to showcase the eco-friendly technology as a commitment to human-centered sustainable development.

Five Hyundai Nexos were used to power up five projectors to create this installation.

The five Nexos used were charged at Sangam Hydrogen Station, which uses biogas produced from a nearby landfill

to produce hydrogen.


For many, fuel cell technology is complex and difficult to understand, but Hyundai reimagined this process through

a series of textures and movements. The projection captured the beauty of the electrochemical reaction that creates the electricity to power the car, resulting in a single by-product, water. This process of turning water into hydrogen

and oxygen, then into kinetic energy, and finally back in water offers a vision for future energy.