Welcome to Hyundai.

Hyundai Welcome Kit  .  2019  with HR management team

To celebrate the new-comers of Hyundai, we created a welcome kit. The kit is presented to only the new comers of Hyundai, to welcome their first day of the company. Every element of the product including the package and the congratulatory statement, bring a sense of belongingness and throbbing to a new start.


The welcome kit consists Hyundai brand items such as trophy, lanyard, business card and yearly items. Above all, personalized trophy inscribed with new-comer’s name embodies a hearty welcome and thanks to each of the new components.


We purposely made spare on the top of the trophy so the business card can be displayed. This will remind the passion and energy on the first day of Hyundai by looking the only one trophy and the first business card as time goes by.