Hyundai Audio Branding

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Hyundai Audio Branding .  2016  .  Why do birds

The Hyundai brand essence of Modern Premium is communicated through its creative expression, "Richness in Simplicity". Hyundai is all about the simple things in Life - the things that truly matter. Based on this strategy the sound attributes "essential", "refined" and "confident" were defined as the audio branding pillars. The new Hyundai communication is reduced, never loud nor aggressive.

Translating these attributes was the starting point for the process. The sound tonality is harmonious, smooth and fluid. The performance is minimalist yet the details are self-assured and lively.

The subsequent, concise musical theme is a simple, ascending six-tone sequence that forms the basis of the Hyundai sound and determines the sonic logo. Its flexible speed and instrumentation allows for a wide range of interpretation and numerous touchpoint of the Hyundai brand.