Tilt your viewpoint

Hyundai i30N Merchandise  .  2017 

To celebrate the launch of Hyundai's new high performance N product line, we created a driver starter kit. The exclusive kit, available to only the first 250 buyers, welcomes buyers to experience the N character of "Mischief".

With N, nothing is as it seems. N wants to surprise and challenge our customers to see things differently. Every element, from the product, to the packaging and the booklet, brings to life this same spirit of wit and playfulness.

Instead of a simple box, the layers of the packaging slide out unexpectedly to reveal item after item, prompting the owner to curiously think, "What's next?".

N is not just average, N keeps on surprising. The booklet plays with opacity through color, revealing cheeky hidden messages with different meanings.

N embodies and celebrates the pure connection between the car and driver. To capture the delight that comes from the driver experiencing the raw power of N, the action camera was chosen as the perfect gadget.