Hyundai Relaunched

Hyundai Branding & Identity  .  2016  .  with LBiQ & HVD Fonts

In 2015, Hyundai commissioned a comprehensive 18-month, global brand relaunch to repair global brand inconsistencies. Our objective was to shift the brand's focus from product to lifestyle in a effort to deliver a consistent, global brand experience to consumers.

To be distinct from our competitors, we drew inspiration from our Korean roots; natural materials such as linen and wood; our values of balance, harmony, warmth; and the four elements depicted in the Korean flag – water, earth, fire, and wind. They come together harmoniously to form the basis of our redefined brand assets.

Richness in Simplicity is the creative, customer-facing expression of our brand essence, Modern Premium. Our brand creative direction recognizes that there is beauty in life's simple pleasures. We focus on the essentials – the special moments and experiences that make life meaningful, we live life with a confident outlook and we celebrate the refined details.

The background layer of our graphic system features ambient surfaces and elements; the story layer features everyday moments, serving as a window into our customers' lives. Our bespoke typeface Hyundai Sans is complemented by a harmonious color palette inspired by nature.