Always in motion, but never lost.

Hyundai i30 Launch Toolkit  .  2016  .  with LBiQ & He&Me

The i30 is a natural part of our customer’s life. That is why we share life's everyday moments with the target i30 driver. He is active, connected, ambitious, and confident. Yet he is also guided by a deep desire to live purposefully, make smart decisions, and focus on what matters most. 


There is more to these moments than just leading a desirable lifestyle in a modern urban world. We are talking about a person who has the character, attitude, and vision to shape the daily routine we are depicting.  

Our hero is connected and reliable. For him, the i30 is a natural choice: it has the very same attitude and vision for moving forward that he does. From confident driving and excellent control to great design, it gives him everything he needs in a car–except unneccessary showing off. 


It's no small wonder our protagonist isn't wearing a suit. He doesn't have to. His concept of success is based on his own internal sense of confidence, beliefs, and education.