Empowering everybody to say: I’m in charge

IONIQ EV Brand Campaign . 2020. with JvM

With IONIQ set to evolve into a lineup brand with the aim of empowering progressive people (Progress Electrified for Connected Living), Hyundai introduced its first 100% EV campaign calling for humanity’s responsibility with one rallying call: I’m in charge.

IONIQ EV Brand Campaign . 2020

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A multi-phase 360° campaign living both online and offline

The launch of the IONIQ electric lineup brand took place in 2 phases. In a first ‘Awareness-building’ phase which stretched from August to September 2020, IONIQ was introduced at the London Eye in London spreading a message of hope amid a particular COVID-19 context. The addition of new lights on the landmark reshaped the famous wheel into a giant letter Q with an important message to share: “IONIQ: in charge of turning the world”. 


Following the introduction in London, we teamed up once again with global Kpop stars BTS for the release of a dedicated record full of positive energy: “IONIQ: I’m on it”. 

In a second phase aimed at amplifying the main campaign message, we collaborated with CNN on the development of a documentary style film highlighting our efforts to make the IONIQ lineup as sustainable as possible, via the use of organic materials.


Finally, in November, the main campaign film was released as a very emotional and unifying element within the IONIQ campaign, encouraging everybody to say: I’m in charge

CNN film topview Nexo.jpg

IONIQ Launch Film

As the London Eye officially reopened on 1 August, the day after the IONIQ’s Q transforming the wheel, the launch of IONIQ also marks the re-opening of one of the world’s most celebrated cities. As the London Eye begins turning over London again, the IONIQ is now in charge of turning the world.

Sustainability Documentary Film

With the introduction of IONIQ, we remain steadfast in our vision of a clean mobility landscape where progress keeps people and communities at heart. In a new documentary film we developed in collaboration with CNN, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Euisun Chung and sustainable explorer David de Rothschild call for a collective awakening.

I’m in Charge Main Campaign

Change is a big word we often associate with climate, peace, or politicians, forgetting that everything big once started on a smaller scale. Who can stop our impact on nature? Who can make the shift to green energy? Actually, everyone can. Given the opportunity to make changes, one can choose to move towards progress or turn the other way and regress. Under the motto “I’m in charge”, the IONIQ main campaign film is a wake-up call for us all to realize that everything we do affects others. With a whole electric line-up, charging solutions and connectivity features that empower everyone to move in our own way – more sustainably.

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The campaign look conveys power with strong colors as they appear in nature. The palette is derived from the IONIQ blue and complemented by warm tones as a color contrast. We made use of the strong and crispy blues of the sky and ice, shades of jungle greens and warm earthy tones. 


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