A new way to live and move.

Hyundai IONIQ Branding & Identity  .  2016  .  with LBiQ & HVD Fonts

IONIQ's innovative future-focused approach represents a disruption in the highly competitive eco-car landscape. IONIQ aims to transform Hyundai's reputation as a traditional mobility provider, becoming a leader and innovator for the future.

IONIQ conveys the desire to move one step further – with focused, clear, and bright ideas. More than just a product, it is a lifestyle. Approaching life with an open mind and full of confidence, it inspires with thought-provoking questions and novel concepts. IONIQ is unlocking a life-changing mobility mind-set that inspires customers to discover new horizons, see fresh perspectives, and shift into an unconventional approach.

IONIQ is a compound name containing two complementary thoughts. "ION", inspired by the eponymous subatomic particle, refers to an electric charge capable of combining and separating: "IQ", part of the word "unique", communicates the idea of something different and special. The brand logo symbolizes the promise of our products; the tail of "Q" representing the breakthrough moment in mobility. This breakthrough is also translated as the blue tabs on merchandise items.

The IONIQ visual world immerses us in a world bathed in pure white – a blank canvas that has limitless possibilities. It is a metaphor for living in a brilliant world full of potential, innovation, and creativity. The color accents Active Blue represents the creative spark – the IONIQ generative impulse that inspires new ways of thinking and moving.

Hyundai Sans Light is a bespoke typeface created especially for IONIQ, reflecting the simple confidence of our messages and inviting customers to move toward the future with a confident, direct tone of voice. The bright, innovative palette of white and blue, supported by a series of cool gray tones, inspires a progressive, future-focused look and feel. The brand design, covering a comprehensives, scalable set of communication touch points, was implemented across the entire media landscape for a holistic customer experience journey.