IONIQ EV Charger

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Car Charger  .  2016

An Integral Part of the Brand


The IONIQ Home Charger was especially created for the IONIQ world. Full of potential, innovation, and creativity, it is a world bathed in pure white. Following the same design language as IONIQ, it uses white to represent a limitless, blank canvas, while the blue accent represents the creative spark. The use of geometric shapes and clean lines bring simplicity and harmony to the brand. 


Our design’s fluid efficiency is complemented by the soft lines that trace the car’s exterior. The overall finish of the charger is inspired by the polar white exterior and the smooth dark interior.

Simple & Reduced Design


The clean design of the IONIQ Home Charger goes beyond its aesthetic purpose. it is based on the 
fundamental IONIQ belief in a clean, clutter-free white world, creating products that are designed to harmonize with their surrounding environment. 


A retractable cable, hidden within the body, eliminates cables dragging on the floor and becoming tangled. This feature adds to the IONIQ Home Charger’s convenience of use and simplicity of design.


The embedded screen creates a seamless front surface without any disruptions.Buttons are hidden from sight. Charging begins easily with the tap of a card after plugging it in.

Intelligent User Experience

The IONIQ Home Charger puts people first, making car charging a breeze. This smart user experience is designed based on the values of the IONIQworld–innovation and creativity, and represents the future of mobility.  No complicated settings and processes are needed, eliminating the learning curve for adopting this new technology.


Intelligent and innovative, the geometric circle glows with lights that pulse gently while charging. Like the rhythm of human breathing, it lets users know that charging is still in progress. The seamless screen displays greetings as users interact with the charger, responding with a friendly “Hello” on powering up and “Bye” on shutting down. 


It is easy to use, displaying real-time charging information without drivers having to use the in-vehicle display. Charging begins simply with a tap of the card after plugging the charger into the car. No additional steps or settings required.