Immersed in a white world

Hyundai IONIQ Launch Toolkit  .  2016  .  with LBiQ & Bastian Goergens

The IONIQ world represents the future of mobile lifestyles. It embodies a mindset and way of thinking about life that is characterized by curiosity and a strong desire for change. The imagery portrays a quest for even better solutions and ways to live. It aspires to move one step further - with focused, clear, and bright ideas. Approaching life with an open mind and full of confidence, IONIQ radiates calm and self-assurance.
It inspires others with thought-provoking questions and novel concepts.

IONIQ images share the stories and moments of this smart approach to living. They evoke a sense of  the future by showing dynamic people who seek and appreciate intelligent ideas for their future mobility. This attitude is represented by bright and light imagery - a white world.


The IONIQ world seeks out the future, but it is firmly grounded in essential experiences - the moments that truly enrich people’s lives.