Ep. 03_UAM_2


Hyundai X Bloomberg Media Group . 2020

To introduce Hyundai's innovative technologies with Korea, one of the recent rising nation brands, we worked together with Bloomberg on short-video series, named K-System. Covid-19 shook the world we knew, but looking at how South Korea successfully dealt with the pandemic, shows us that agility, collaboration, togetherness, and inventiveness are critical, if human race is going to recover. Hyundai Motors, a South Korean company, shares this same approach when it comes to its values, initiatives and promises. And keeping these at the center of everything Hyundai does, is what is helping to drive change in the world, transforming it into what humanity needs now and in the future.

Investing in ideas.

South Korea’s ‘Creative Economy’ initiative invests in incubators and networking opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Hyundai CRADLE shares this same startup philosophy of using venture investment to revolutionize the automotive industry by researching the field of digital transformation. Then, integrate our findings into future innovation in concepts such as autonomous driving, smart cities and green energy to create meaningful mobility solutions for all. 

Safety with

everyone in mind.

The global pandemic has inspired a refreshing sense of togetherness around the world, but this spirit of inclusivity has been part of South Korean culture for decades. For Hyundai, every decision, safety development and innovation is carefully designed to benefit the many, not the few.

Rising above

traffic congestion.

Innovation has driven economic progress in Korea, and this adaptability has been supported by a robust transportation infrastructure. Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility division is continuing this tradition by building highways in the sky to tackle a growing global concern: traffic congestion.

Clean cars that
cater to individual lifestyles.

South Korea is focused on leading global sustainability, and the government’s agile and proactive approach is being supported by Hyundai. IONIQ is an example of how private sector contributions can have a profound effect on the wider environment by creating a personalized approach to clean mobility that benefits people and the planet.