Safety First

Hyundai COVID-19 Digital Communication  .  2020

The COVID-19 crisis was, and still is, a world-changing event that affected the lives of many. In March 2020, as the pandemic picked up speed, Hyundai Motor Company searched for ways to stop it from spreading further. We felt socially responsible and used our media channels to post COVID-19 prevention notifications.

First, we uploaded a series of illustrative movie clips that used our logo as a starting point and then gave it a tweak to show W.H.O approved COVID-19 prevention measures. We did not stop there and expanded the series across print media. Instead of advertising our cars, we used our monthly magazine ads to amplify the message once more.


At first, the ad appears to be our logo but as the reader flips the transparent page, the negative shape of the logo, recommending to keep social distancing, appears as a surprise. In the end, the logo looks like a medical mask that aids the prevention of COVID-19.

In the next magazine issue, we published an image of our car running on the road, but as the reader flips the transparent page, the car disappears. In the end, an empty road is left with no car, and a headline recommending “Stay Home”.
Responding quickly to the crisis, the magazine ads were published in May and June, creating numerous re-posts and ended up being featured in a number of articles. With this ad, we enhanced our brand by maintaining an emotional connection with customers by showing our mindset to better humanity.