Make Quality Time

Hyundai Santa Fe Global Launch Campaign  .  2018  .  with Jung von Matt

Millennial families are redefining the notions of parenting to reflect the changing values and family structures. These families are also becoming more diverse in nature. The dad plays mom family or the family that treats their dogs like kids. But there is one thing in common, they all lead passing lives. As our everyday lives become more complex, moments of togetherness with our loved ones are becoming increasingly rare.

The SANTA FE, a car that cares, a social space that takes diversity seriously and a space for togetherness. With our advanced driver assistance system that do not get in your way, but support your every step and protects the people that matter to you.


Discover technology that gives you the quality time and the comfort of never missing what’s important. Make quality time.

1. Celebration

A family that follows tradition. An anxious father and an eager bride share quality time by embracing a new beginning.

2. Dad in Black

A family from another galaxy. They are different from each other, but enjoy the same exciting quality time.

3. Night Cradle

A family that never sleeps. Though never a dull moment, they can always find quality time to bring some peace of mind.

4. Always Together

A modern family. They distance themselves once in a while, but always find the quality time to reconnect.

5. Cuddly Story

A surprisingly large family. Whether they are friends or monsters, there is always space to create quality time.