Second First Steps 

HMEX Brand Campaign  .  2020  .  with Innocean

Our new brand vision campaign was launched in November to communicate our future mobility vision to the world and the campaign consists of four distinctive films focusing on Robotics, Last Mile Mobility, Autonomous Driving and Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technologies.

The film focusing on Robotics, which is built on a true story of a disabled archer athlete, gained a lot of sympathy and emotions, we decided to tell the story further in a form of two minutes-long documentary film.

HMEX Brand Campaign  .  2020  .  with Innocean

Film Story line

Junbeom suffered a serious car accident ten years ago and has been paralyzed from the waist down. With a help of Hyundai H-MEX, Junbeom is now able to take ‘second first steps’ of his life and connect with this family at the same eye level for the first time in a decade.


While many brands perceive future mobility as a race to showcase their most advanced technologies for the sake of technology, our brand takes a differentiating approach by focusing efforts to develop ‘technology for humanity.’ The film is designed to bring our brand vision ‘Progress for Humanity’ to life in the most genuine and sincere way and enhance Hyundai’s brand image of realizing ‘Freedom in Mobility’ beyond limits.


Our Next Steps

The Second First Steps Project started from one letter. And this remarkable journey has left us with one lesson; technology supports people and should mean the progress for humanity. Park Jun-beom’s second first step was the ‘first’ first step for Hyundai Motors Robotics. We will continue to use our technology to re-define the disability and help you rise up to the impossible. For you, we will reimagine the future of time through mobility solutions. We will take our next steps, because of you.