October 26, 2018

What's New Meet our award-winning team!

Meet the team behind Hyundai's Red Dot Brand of the Year 2018 distinction and success. Here's an excerpt of our interview in the upcoming Red Dot Communication Design Annual.

Our Motto. Fresh thinking, real impact.

1. In your opinion, what is the most important task of communication design?

For us communication design has the power to influence, and with that, every communication should either help or entertain. If not, there isn’t any point to produce it.

2. How do you stay innovative in such a creative industry?

Firstly you have to stay curious and have the drive to challenge the norm. We encourage our team to get out of the office often to experience and observe whats happening around us. And we are always looking to collaborate with the best creatives, directors, artist, companies from all around the globe.

3. Please describe design quality in three words.

Original, Intuitive, Stunning.

4. Which strategy do you use to offer always new solutions?

There’s never a one size fits all strategy as we tackle a broad range of projects, therefore we are constantly on our feet, reinventing ourselves and trying to be unconventional.

5. Which techniques or tools do you like best to work with at the moment?

We have a multi-disciplinary setup in our team, but our common belief is to never stop experimenting and never be afraid to fail. We believe in prototyping, making sure that our user testing in-house answers the needs of our customers.

6. How do you work out a common understanding of design together with your clients?

Our company (client) gets the best of both worlds. An in-house team that understands our brand and the business, thus allowing us to push the boundaries of the creative. And external partners that bring a wealth of creativity and expertise to the table.

7. Which message does your award-winning work convey?

We believe the success in all our work proves that fresh thinking creates real impact.

8. What is the signature of your works?

We are focused to make sure all communications are on brand and help us to stand out.

9. Play safe or love of experimentation? Why?

We work in a very fast paced environment, and it would certainly be easier to play safe but we experiment so that we can evoke an emotional response from our customers. As you can see from projects that won this year, it was through this passion to do things differently that we conceptualized the darkest building on Earth in the Hyundai Pavilion, and a new approach to automotive retail with Genesis Gangnam.

10. What you always wanted to tell about design…

Design is about finding a simple solution to solve complex problems.

Featured at the Red Dot Gala in Berlin on the 26 October.

More to come when the Red Dot Communication Design Annual launches.