Mar 26, 2017

Inspirations A day at Hongdae

Our recent neighbourhood stumble about brings us to Hongdae. On the upper east side of Seoul, this young and vibrant suburb played host to the Nike AirMax Day with the launch of a new campaign 'Kiss my airs'. A revolutionary brand space paying homage to the evolution of an idea from a NASA engineer. Who would have thought that putting 'air' into your soles could give you the comfort and lightness of running in the clouds?

The next stop was a more permanent fixture in the neighbourhood, Monami's concept store. Like pages in a book, the store traces the stories of a Korean stationery icon that is sewn into the fabric of every student. If you don't leave with either the latest DIY kit or a simple ballpoint pen whose design hasn't changed since 1963, it will be a real surprise.

Our neighborhood stumbles hope to bring you some interesting places to visit around the world. From the perspective of a designer, we hope you find our series insightful for your travels.