August 10, 2017

What's New Hyundai Audio Branding & Hyundai Sans Wins RedDot 2017!

Hyundai Audio Branding took home the most prestigious honor at this year's Red Dot Awards for sound design. The best of the best title was awarded to Hyundai's 360 degrees approach of multiple audio applications from in car welcome sounds to advertising. With today's landscape expecting brands to deliver an unique experience for all five senses, our audio branding acts like a support for whichever environment it is applied to. See more here.

After winning at this year's iF Awards, Hyundai Motor's bespoke typeface, Hyundai Sans, clinched another award for the typeface design at the Red Dot Design Awards. Going back to the basics, Hyundai Sans was not created just to look good, but it had to be functional. Creative Works worked closely with HVD Fonts to perfect every detail, combining both the smooth geometric curves and straight lines to create a warm and legible typeface. Since the launch, the typeface has been well received by all markets globally because of its harmony with Hyundai's other assets and multi language support. See the full project here.