October 30, 2018

What's New Hyundai Motor Honored with Red Dot 'Brand of the Year 2018' Award

Hyundai Motor Company was honored with the Red Dot ‘Brand of the Year 2018’ accolade from the prestigious Red Dot Awards at the Red Dot Gala in Berlin last week. This year it took into consideration Hyundai’s innovative design solutions, quality of design and brand management expertise. Wonhong Cho, executive vice president of Hyundai, was presented with the trophy by Red Dot founder and CEO Dr. Peter Zec.

“It is an honor to be selected as the Red Dot: Brand of the Year 2018. We are humbled to receive such an accolade, as this award is a validation that we are on the right track and it is an impressive milestone for our brand image,” said Wonhong Cho.

“Of all the prizes given in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design, the honorary title for the brand of the year is among the most distinguished. I am delighted to award this unique tribute to Hyundai Motor Company, as the manufacturer does not only convince with its well-designed cars but also with elaborate communication design. In a highly saturated market, Hyundai succeeds in repeatedly addressing its customers in a creative manner, and manages to convey the technical background of its cars in a universally comprehensible way. The company’s innovative design approaches are both creative and high-quality, providing customers with a unique, one-of-a-kind, 360-degree brand experience. With pleasure, I want to congratulate Hyundai on their well-deserved title of ‘Red Dot: Brand of the Year 2018’,” said professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award.

In August, Hyundai Motor set the all-time record for Red Dot Awards in the company’s history, winning seven awards in five categories. Hyundai won awards for its Solati Moving Hotel, Hyundai Pavilion, Genesis Gangnam, Genesis Sound Design, Pioneer Film and Safety Hologram in various categories.