The Moving Hotel

Solati Moving Hotel . 2018 . with Italdesign, Kcmotors, Ranee&Company, SWV and Mog communications

The collaboration between Hyundai Motor Company and SM Entertainment is part of Hyundai's new initiative to deliver more value beyond transportation. SOLATI Moving Hotel is the second collaboration between Hyundai and SM Ent., following the SOLATI Moving Studio. It is a new form of mobility optimized for SM artists.


Creative Works interviewed several SM artists and recognized the key opportunities when they are using car during their daily schedule. One is “Relaxation” and the other is “Transformation”. As celebrities, they always receive attention from onlookers regardless of time and space, and use their time while travelling in the car to rest and prepare for their next appearance. The design concept ‘Scandinavian mood’ creates a relaxing atmosphere for SM artists to feel at home. Therefore, excessive decorations found in existing luxury vans are excluded.


The first artists featured in the SOLATI Moving Hotel are 'EXO KAI' and 'Yeon Hee, Lee' – two of South Korea’s most beloved celebrities. SOLATI Moving Hotel will be actively utilized for various activities of SM artists in the future. From awards ceremony to movies, dramas, and the way to the airport, if you spot the SOLATI Moving Hotel on the move, please pay attention. SM's shining artists are preparing for their next big appearance.