The Moving Studio

Solati Moving Studio . 2018 . with Tangerine, Ranee&Company, and MOG Communications

What does it take to be a mobility company? Challenging the meaning of mobility itself, Hyundai set out on a journey to improve people’s commutes, and their lives. Hyundai aims to move beyond being the provider of transportation, to being the provider of people’s time while traveling as well. Spending 2 hours commuting is a common part of the day for many city dwellers, who spend the time catching up on their favorite content on their mobiles; news, funny videos, TV programs, updates from their social network and more. To disrupt the media industry, Hyundai collaborated with the top entertainment and music group in Korea – SM Entertainment Group, and created The SOLATI Moving Studio: a mobile recording and broadcasting studio on wheels to deliver the freshest content to consumers.  


To design SOLATI Moving Studio, Hyundai worked with design agency Tangerine and Top Gear consultants. It took almost 1 year to plan, design and produce SOLATI Moving Studio. The most vital part of the process was actively engaging SM artists in the project to ensure their needs such as lighting system and soundproof construction were captured in the interior design.


Inside of SOLATI Moving Studio, 6 high resolution cameras are built in for stable broadcasting while mobile and soundproof silencers help reduce external noise and interference. The adjustable dimming light, the literibbon LED, helps to successfully get rid of backlight while filming SM artists. Monitors and the all in one editing system bring out the best of the contents being broadcasted. With this comprehensive set of features, SOLATI Moving Studio is a professional mobile studio with the full range of functions - safety, lighting, sound, and design.  


SOLATI Moving Studio will be a new broadcasting platform for SM Entertainment focusing on mobility. Hyundai will continuously seek and activate new solutions for culture and mobility towards the future.