The 8th Hyundai Model Car Competiton

Hyundai Branding & Identity  .  2019  with the magic communiction

Hyundai Model Car Competition is Korea's largest science competition inviting middle and high school students in Korea to make their own racing car from scratch. More than 2,000 teams around Korea have applied and selected 60 teams joined the final tournament on August 7th - 11th.

30 middle school teams and 30 high school teams were scored based on structure, design, aerodynamic test and track record. Highest scored 10 teams and fastest 6 teams went on an 1:1 race tournament and winner was awarded with a Minister of Education award and a visit to WRC tournament on UK.

For this year's event, batteries that students used for the competition was charged by Hyundai NEXO introducing the future technology and Hyundai's vision of future hydrogen society.

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