Typojanchi 2017

Seoul Typography Biennale  .  2017  .  In-house

Hyundai participated and sponsored in the 5th International Typography Biennale : Typojanchi 2017 held in Seoul, Korea from Sep 15 - Oct 29th. The one and only international biennale celebrating typography has become a global event to raise awareness in Korea and around the world.


Hyundai participated in this by creating a space within the exhibition showcasing various letterforms in its new Hyundai Sans typeface as chairs.These chairs expressed the main theme of the exhibition: Mohm which translates as body in Korean, the selected letterforms sparked different emotions while lounging in different positions. And at the same time embracing our brand essence of Modern Premium, we believe that this space allows visitors to enjoy the simple moments.


Hyundai Sans was also used in the entire event signages and allowed the public to download the font for non-commercial use, a first for a large Korean corporation.